Don’t Be Me

It’s just so shameful that westerners in India have to go through this.


Are you happy living there?  The magic question I am asked all the time.  I was happy living here.  I was very happy living here and then I started opening myself up to people and allowing people to get to know Me.  Then I became unhappy living here.  I suppose you can say I am happy here as long as I follow these guidelines which so many people have been kind enough to share with me. This is not just one or two people, this is a weekly, almost daily thing from people I encounter, randomly meet and grow to know.  I was happy here until too many people started telling me not to be me.

Apparently I am too emotional because I express and talk about how I feel.  Being direct and telling people how you feel so there is no confusion is wrong here.  I am not to…

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