One of Sumir’s favorites is cooking, where he enjoys the process of making something from scratch, mixing an array of flavors to create a delicacy with his own hands. But cooking is so much more and is so closely related to our daily lives. Just throwing something together from whatever ingredients are available at hand is no different from Life, when we are compelled to make the best with whatever little we have and still coming up trumps. And then there is the painstaking and meticulous planning of a meal, where we source the best and the right ingredients in preparation for a grand feast. The sense of achievement when a frugal or hastily put together meal or for that matter a meticulously planned meal is a wonderful thing. The crowning glory is when you cook for someone or for a dear one and see that it has gone down well. Furthermore, food per se is so fundamental to our very existence. Yet so few of us pay any real heed to food. Eating at the right time and the right kinds of food and the process of preparation of food involves some discipline, a process and if well planned and executed usually has favorable outcomes. 

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