The Person

Sumir is a family-oriented person, a seasoned professional and an adventurer. Having lived and worked on four continents and traveled to around 40 countries thus far, he has had the opportunity to have met people from all walks of life and gained deep insights into Eastern (mainly Indian) spiritual knowledge blended or tempered with wide and deep exposure to the Far East, Europe, the Americas and Latin America as well.

His personal passions are riding anything on two wheels, be they Cycles or Motorcycles, Blogging, Vlogging and Cooking. He is an eternal optimist and has deep Spiritual convictions.

He has studied Classical Indian music and learned the Sitar from his teacher from the Etawah Gharana, however, he loves a wide variety of music, right from trance, techno, rock, blues and jazz.

He also underwent a formal induction and training from his Guru and has spent many years in a spiritual setting across various places in India. This led to a deep Spiritual grounding which serves as a guide in everything Sumir does.

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