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Chamundi hills: downhill – front slope

After The Corporate Years #2.

It’s now almost two years coming up in a few short weeks, and the journey has been great. Amazing in fact. The company grows from strength to strength…..we have overcome some hairy challenges and taken a few hard knocks, but always rallied and always overcome. The hours are long, the hands a few too less, but do I wake up raring to go? Absolutely!

After The Corporate Years #1.

If I were to capture my professional journey up until this time, this is how I would have to sum it up. Started off flying solo, built an informal network of collaborators which grew into formal associations, reinvention and refinement during market upheavals, founded… Continue Reading “After The Corporate Years #1.”

The Making of a Photographer.

Circa 2007/8: Krishanu takes a liking to photography. Cut to September 2018, Krishanu opens up his work, albeit a limited selection, to one and all. He actually says we are free to share, so sharing I am.

Inspiration From The Mental Health Of 3 Famous Leaders


All, Welcome Enna, who has just published her first article. I’m proud to say that I’ve been an inspiration of sorts to her and when she sent me the link to her first published post, it felt great. Do read: Sumir.

“How Not to Look at Your Smartphone”

“How Not to Look at Your Smartphone” @ritikabajaj24

From Father to Son: An Open Letter.

So, the kid is at school, a new phase of his life, away from home, away from all things familiar, away from family, away from friends, new friends to be made, a life ahead of him. A life for him to shape the way he wants it.

GriffinWorx – TIE – eBay Foundation: Round 2. 

The instructions then, for Round Two were to judge the twenty six who made it through the elims out of the two hundred fifty odd who had initially applied. Not only were we to judge but also mentor and that’s a bit of a trick. Only twelve will make the grade this time, and move on to Round Three.

Guru Means Heavy….hmmm

There are some things that just set me off, one of them is misinterpretation of age-old Indian traditions, culture and doctrine handed down through generations from Father to Son, from Guru to Disciple, from Mother to Daughter. So when people start banding the institution of Guru, I get set off.

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