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Moving to London: Circa 2008/9

Living in The Past Disclaimer!!! This blog has been rewritten, so even though its being published now, it talks about circa 2008/9 or thereabouts. Moving In
 It’s been over two month’s since I’ve been living in London. Being a visitor in the past never… Continue Reading “Moving to London: Circa 2008/9”

Circumnavigating Bombay by Bike – Oct 15, 2016

It’s been a rough week at work, too much going on and too few folks to do it. Critical resources AWOL. You get the drift, yah? Welcome to the Indian software industry. A welcome diversion comes in the form of the young cyclist, Niranjan. Bump… Continue Reading “Circumnavigating Bombay by Bike – Oct 15, 2016”

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