Cycling – Round 2: The Pro9 Advantage

I’ve been cycling for a long time now. I first took up cycling when I moved to the US back in 2006. A visit to Dicks Sporting goods store, led to buying a copyle of bikes. Both, Iron Horse – Warrior Pro’s. One was stolen right out of my locked garage, and the other one I still have, and a beautiful ride she is!

I moved from Chiocago to London, and the bike came with. I did quite a bit of riding in and around London, somes rides to Dover and even to Scotland. Beautiful experiences all.

I moved from London back home to Bombay in 2010, and the bike came with once again.

I rode solo but then I ran into Faisal and his then partner Zubair, of Da Bike Zone fame, but didn’t ride with them neither die I get my bike serviced by them.

It was only several years later that I started getting my bike done at Pro9, and going on rides with the several groups.

The advantages of being associated with Pro9 are way too many, in terms of being in contact with the cycling community, and the quality of the bile maintenance as well.

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