I just love documenting special moments in my rather colorful and eventful life. This series of blogs are essentially photo-blogs. My first camera was a simple box camera. Someone my age would know what I mean. Box or no box, it helped me take some great photographs. My parents bought me this camera in New Delhi, en route to my father’s home town of Lucknow. My next camera was a Kodak. I then bought my very first professional camera , a Vivitar, when I was an exchange student in the US, back in ’78. The ext was am Olympus OM 10. Many years’ later I moved to Chicago on an assignment, and bought a Nikon D60. These days I mostly use the iPhone, but I now seem to have developed a favorite, the Motorola Z Play, which comes with the Hazelblad lens.

The photographer is now my son, who has trained professionally to be a photographer.


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