Professional Journey

I started work pretty early in life by Indian standards. I first started working for my father who is an entrepreneur. At first I was merely his chauffeur driving him to work en route to my college. I then started working for him part-time, once I finished lectures at college.

I guess I actually started working for myself, by becoming an entrepreneur. I started off by capitalizing on my father’s prime office location in downtown Bombay, and created a shared office facility, which I would rent out.

My next order of business was to get into the financial markets, and to achieve that end, I first became a stock broker. Well not exactly a stoc-broker, but a sub-broker for a few leading stock-brokers of the time.

Next, I started a financial services company called, Integra Funds Management Limited, and started stock brokerage for HNI individuals, financial institutions, and finally got into the financial syndication business, and fund management for HNI individuals.

The next order of business, was to start dealing with some of the leading financial institutions, with several objectives in mind, which I guess will form part of some of muy blogs.

I faced severe reversals due to bad business decisions, and finally I took up my first job, as the CFO of a well established brick and mortar company.

My next stint was in 3i Infotech (the erstwhile ICICI Infotech), and after spending five years there, was recruited by HSBC, then the worlds largest bank. That was another five years, and finally I went to work for a startup called Agile Financial Technologies based out of Dubai.

The journey is in progress and who knows where I will end up. I do have several ideas running around in my head, so let’s give it a bit of time.


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