Sumir The Seeker

Been Around The Block, Yet I Seek.


I have been fortunate to be associated with some great souls, starting from my devout parents, who sowed the seeds of spirituality bu giving my a well-rounded spiritual upbringing in the Indian family tradition.

My fortune only grew over the years, as I came to be associated with some great souls from different sects of Indian spirituality.

I finally met my spiritual master, His Holiness Sridhar Swami, who was kind and merciful. He accepted my as His disciple, and gave me initiation, and took pains in teaching me.

I must confess that I had all but, forgotten/given up on my initial teachings, and leaned towards spirituality when faced with acute and grave adversity and reversals in life.

Those were the circumstances under which I met my spiritual master.

This series of blogs talks about the beginnings and my journey thus far.

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