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Been Around The Block, Yet I Seek.

Sprituality & Beyond

Spirituality and Beyond, is a platform or if one may call sit a medium to share information, tips and means to adopt a wholesome and well balanced lifestyle, albeit with a background of spirituality. It is friends, well-wishers and seekers asking me questions about our Culture and our way of life – Sanatan Dharma that encouraged me to carve out time for this project.

Content on this platform is predominantly about Spirituality interspersed with my personal experiences, however, every once in a while I am driven and motivated to talk about topics that either affect our Spirituality or then are affected by Sprituality.

The chosen distribution medium for the content that I put out are selected to suit digital and print preferences and the channels are Blogs, Videos on You Tube, Instagram and Podcast as well.

The podcast Spirituality and Beyond is available on all major podcast platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify and Breaker and additional content is available on . As far as Social Media Channels, I am also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Pinterest as @sumirtheseeker. I’d be delighted to have you follow me on whatever channel suits your preferences. Please do subscribe. I would also welcome your thoughts and opinions on the subject. Please feel free to write to me at

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