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Sunday Ride: With a Twist (Part 3), May 8, 2016

Its a Sunday afternoon, nice snooze has happened (on account of the Sassy Spoon Breakfast Ride), and methinks, what have I left from this past week’s list of pet projects, that didn’t see light of day, for some reason or another? Mentat kicks in….,I said I would complete the series I am writing on the ride last Sunday. Last Sunday! Late. Better late than never.

Sunday Ride – Part 2: The Twist (Cyclink Project), May 8, 2016

Its been more than the “next day – Part 2” threat on this blog post, but as I said, we all have to do a little work from time to time, and so I’ve been swamped all of this past week. Apologies for the… Continue Reading “Sunday Ride – Part 2: The Twist (Cyclink Project), May 8, 2016”

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